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Who is Moncy Hawkins?

Mrs. Hawkins places high value on faith and her family. These virtues are one of the reasons she elected to resign from her corporate job after obtaining 20 years of experience in Accounting & Customer Service.  She has held several Supervisory positions in Oil and Gas, Engineering, Consulting and the “Big 4” Accounting firms. 


At the age of 19, Mrs. Hawkins discovered she had bad credit which stemmed from a lack of financial knowledge. Out of dire necessity, she quickly commenced to research and taught herself everything she could about credit and finances.  She successfully repaired her own credit and launched herself on a journey to financial freedom. This experience, along with obtaining several professional certifications, and helping many others has positioned her to become very knowledgeable in the field of credit repair and restoration.  


Over the years Mrs. Hawkins has helped many individuals with credit repair, credit counseling and financial education. Her desire to help those that didn’t grow up with the luxuries of knowing about credit and finances drove her to launch FIG Restoration LLC, a boutique company that provides personal attention and affordable solutions to those that suffer with maintaining a satisfactory credit file. FIG stands for Faith In God, which is the foundation of her company and her hope is to offer a new beginning to every client as she proves that restoration is possible and there is life after bad credit!  Contact Fig Restoration in Houston today!