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Why Hire

Chaun Vaughn

Changing Leadership one Heart at a Time

Top Reasons You Need Me for Your Next Event

1. I have several keynotes and trainings that focus on leadership, generational differences, team building and innovation. I put a lot of time and effort into researching each topic on a continual basis because I want to make sure I am delivering the most up to date and effective content I can for your audience.

2. For fifteen years I have served in leadership roles and I was able to see first hand, my ideas, plans and trainings make an impact within my industry. My passion and dedication to leadership and making an impact has allowed me to receive many awards and accolades. You are not just hiring a speaker, you are hiring a speaker who has been in the trenches and learned what worked and what did not.

3. My presentations are informative, engaging and humorous, sort of like me. I have a strong belief that learning should always be fun and that is what I provide in each presentation I give.

4. I am very easy to work with. I don't want what could possibly be a stressful planning process to be made more complicated by being a diva! I also want to get to know your audience so that I can provide a tailored speech. I even love to provide promotional footage before hand for you to share on social media or even in your newsletters.

5. The best reason of all is you get a one of a kind speaker, one you have never had before and I promise to deliver the best content in the most creative way possible. If you want to WOW your audience, the you should definitely hire me!